Giving young engineers and new employees the right access to your knowledge

Have you every started in a company, been onboarded for half a day and then been given a task? Were you able to find the right information to fulfil that task? Like most employees you have probably been asking your colleagues for the next few days and months where you can find the relevant information to specific projects.

Other situation, same problem:

When senior engineers leave the company and young engineers have to take over their places, you need to make sure they are productive as quickly as possible and don’t stop each other from working by having to ask questions.

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

So how can you tackle that problem?

Companies start gathering more and more data, but the best data doesn’t help you, if you cannot find any relevant information. So as the growth of data increases exponentially, you need scalable tools that can keep up with the growth of data.

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